We are glad to welcome you on our web site and we hope for long-term and mutually advantageous cooperation.

Collective of our company – is a team of professionals, highly educated and excellent technicians well knowing their business. At the moment our division totals twenty persons. At the enterprise we also have a designer, capable to design a constructive part of the project under the individual task of the customer. In addition to architecture part, we design and make projects of building frameworks, railings and roofing designs, overlappings.

Our objective is to manufacture metallic structures, buildings, constructions of any complexity for civil and industrial purposes.

Our manufacture allows to carry out a full service on material processing. Presence of elevating technics: bridge cranes, lifts and other. Allows to make separate constructive elements in weight up to 10 tons and dimensions 4500x4300 mm.

Our business is equipped with modern computer technics and software wich promoting more efficient and accurate work- all these and many other factors in aggregate with aforementioned highly specialised personnel at the head, do not leave doubts in qualitative production of our organisation.

Experience - gained by our specialists, allows us to design and calculate price offers of metal constructions, steel structures in accordance with modern requirements of quality and safety, while maintaining a moderately tight deadlines.